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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Meree samajh meN ye naheeN aataa ki tum kameene zyaadaa ho, yaa bewaqoof

Film: Duniya
Year of release: 1984
Spoken by : Mohan Kumar (Dilip Kumar)
Spoken to : Balwant (Amrish Puri)
Dialogue writer : Javed Akhtar
Portions of this scene have been featured earlier too. Mohan breaks into Balwant's house and is waiting for him, with a minatory motive. Balwant manages to find his revolver and points it at Mohan. Mohan suggests that he has already removed all the bullets from the revolver (he shows him six bullets). His logic is that - he would not have come and ensconced himself in a villain's lair and not sanitised it for arms and ammunition. Mohan uses the power of dialogue to sell his story
"मेरी समझ मे ये नहीं आता कि तुम कमीने ज़्यादा हो, या बेवक़ूफ"
"Meree samajh me ye naheeN aataa ki tum kameene zyaadaa ho, yaa bewaqoof"
Balwant falls for the power of the dialogue (and so do we) and drops the revolver. Mohan picks it up and we discover that the revolver is actually loaded. Leaving us wondering, whether Mohan was more 'kameenaa' or more 'bewaqoof', for having left him exposed to such a risk.
Anyways all well that ends well. Balwant dies under the wheels of an oncoming truck, prompting Mohan to remark - ....
Try and remember that classic line. Can't? Search the archives or the labels. Great line that.

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