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Friday, August 8, 2008

Apun tum ko sirif do maaraa, pan solid maaraa

Film: Amar Akbar Anthony
Year of release: 1977
Spoken by: Anthony Gonsalves (Amitabh Bachchan)
Spoken to: Amar (Vinod Khanna)

This line appears before the one featured earlier - the 'solid aawaaz' one. Anthony is in the lock up and recouping from the bashing he has received from Inspector Amar. His confidence is shaken but he tries to salvage whatever of it he can by asking Amar,

"तुम अपुन को दस दस मारा अपुन तुम को सिरिफ़ दो मारा...पन सॉलिड मारा कि नहीं ...हैं? है कि नहीं? अरे हां बोल ना"

"tum apun ko das das maaraa – apun tum ko sirif do maaraa…pun solid maaraa kee naheen..hain? hai ki nahee…are haan bol naa…"

An exasperated Amar retorts with,

"शट अप विल यू. तुम्हारी यहां बक बक नहीं चलेगी"

"Shut up will you…tumhaaree yahaan bak bak nahee chalegee"

Sometimes, in a fight, the victor does not get all the accolades. A determined opponent who delivered two competitive blows could actually make his mark.

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