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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Saare anDe abhee lenge yaa...

Film: Deewar
Year of release: 1975
Spoken by : Vijay Verma (Amitabh Bachchan)
Spoken to: Samant (Madan Puri)

Vijay joins Dawar (Iftikhar) who is a smuggler plagued by a rival smuggler called Samant. Samant is a cunning operator who hijacks Dawar's contraband once it has safely reached the shores of Mumbai.
Vijay decides to play on Samant's strength - ability to get timely competitor information. He goes to Samant and presents himself as an informer. He gives him information about a big consignment of smuggled gold which is about to land in Mumbai. Samant falls for the bait - though he retains a healthy suspicion about Vijay's motives. Ostensibly, Vijay's motive is Rs 5 lacs - the amount agreed to be given as the price for his information. Samant keeps Vijay hostage in his lair, till his men are able to hijack Dawar's consignment and bring it to his godown. When he gets confirmation of the safe arrival of the goods, Vijay asks for his money. Samant takes out a revolver and asks Vijay - what if he shot him instead of paying him.
Vijay, with characteristic sang-froid, turns around and relates the tale of the greedy man who had a hen that laid a golden egg everyday. One day the man gets too greedy and decides to rip the hen open, hoping to get all the golden eggs together. Vijay summarises the story very well and very persuasively with this one line
Saare anDe abhee lenge yaa?
सारे अंडे अभी लेंगे या?

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