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Friday, August 29, 2008

Kuchh log vaise bhee to hote haiN

Film: Kaala Patthar
Year of release : 1979
Spoken by : Vijay Pal Singh (Amitabh Bachchan)
Spoken to : Dr. Sudha Sen (Raakhee Gulzaar)
While tending to Vijay's wounds, Sudha asks him how long he has been around in the mines. In India, (especially some parts of North India) it is common even in casual conversation with rank strangers for the interlocutors to try and figure out each other's place of origin. Dr Sudha does the same when she asks him - तुम वैसे कहां के हो?
Vijay generally in most films does not give a straight answer to a straight question. Indulges a lot in what we call - tark kutark - तर्क कुतर्क. So how does he answer this easy question
"बचा सवाल के मैं कहां का हूं, तो कुछ लोग वैसे भी तो होते हैं, जो कहीं के नहीं होते"
bachaa savaal ke maiN kahaaN kaa hooN, to kuchh log vaise bhee to hote haiN, jo kaheeN ke naheeN hote

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