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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BaDe log badtameezee bhee karte haiN to baDee

Film : Main Tulsi tere Aangan Ki
Year of release : 1978
Spoken by : Thakur Ajmer Singh (Goga Kapoor)
Spoken to : Ajay Chauhan (Vinod Khanna)

During a polo match, Naini (Neeta Mehta) also comes to join Ajay and Pratap (Deb Mukherjee)'s team. Thakur Ajmer Singh (the opponents' captain Goga Kapoor) suggests that Naini is being included to distract them. He says
"कभी हम इनकी ख़ूबसूरत आंखों को देखेंगे, कभी हम इनकी पतली कमर को देखेंगे, कभी..."
"kabhii hum inkee khoobsoorat aankhoN ko dekhenge
kabhee hum inkee patlee kamar ko dekhenge, kabhee... "
"Ajmer singh, shut up", says Naini. If she had not interjected (on behalf of the censors methinks), Ajmer would have made some uncivil references about some body parts of Naini.
Ajay says they didn't need distractions to beat Ajmer. But he says he was surprised such a "puraane thakur vansh kaa sapoot ek laDkee se itnee baDee badtameezee kar rahaa hai".
Ajmer comes up with a line that could be best described as 'noblesse oblige' in reverse.
"BaDe log badtameezee bhee karte haiN to baDee"
"बड़े लोग बद्तमीज़ी भी करते हैं तो बड़ी"
There was a time when you would expect eminent people to be role models. These days if at all they are role models - then it is for the wrong things.
So if you belong to the tribe called 'baDe log' and are wont to committing 'badtameezee', justify your acts with this classic,

बड़े लोग बद्तमीज़ी भी करते हैं तो बड़ी

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