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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yeh ...to peT meN daaDhee rakhtee hai

Film : Jhoothi
Year of release : 1985
Spoken by : Seema's mother (Dina Pathak)
Spoken to : Kalpana Srivastav (Rekha)
Kalpana pretends as if Dr Anil Gupta was a man of bad character to wriggle out of a tight situation. Later when Seema (Supriya Pathak)'s mother (played by Dina Pathak) finds out that she had lied about Dr. Anil. She remarks
ये लडकी तो पेट में दाढी रखती है
which is used to indicate a person who is precocious. Someone who looks young but shows the wisdom of an old person.

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