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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Aap convince ho gaye, ya maiN aur bolooN

Film : Jab We Met

Year of release : 2007

Spoken by : Geet Dhillon

Spoken to : Ticket checker

Any sales guy would have gone through this feeling some time or the other in his life. When you try and convince a prospect, you keep wondering whether you have said enough. Indian prospects are particularly cryptic. Since we Indians do not like saying 'No', we try and find a thousand mechanisms to defer and delay without saying a straightforward no. In such situations, I think this is a good line to use.

The scenario is that Aditya (Shahid Kapoor) is sitting on a train berth looking totally disappointed and dejected. He has lost in love and hence all desire to live too. Geet is another passenger in this coach. She has constantly been trying to engage him in lively banter. He has been absolutely oblivious to her. When the ticket checker arrives, it is discovered that Aditya is WT (or without ticket). Geet pleads Aditya's case with the TC. She is trying to talk him into taking a lenient view of Aditya's ticketless travel. After she has spoken for about 60 seconds in her garrulous style, she pauses to check if her pleas have registered. She says,

"आप कंविंस हो गये, या मैं और बोलूं?"

"Aap convince ho gaye, yaa maiN aur bolooN"

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