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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chapraasee ke kaan oopar ke baraasee aur neeche ke teraasee

Film : Bunty aur Babli
Year of release : 2005
Spoken by : Dashrath Singh (Amitabh Bachchan)
Spoken to : Phoolwati (Pratima Kazmi)
This is a line that I do not understand, but am still posting it with the message
अगर इसे समझ सको मुझे भी समझाओ
Then why am I posting it here. Because I liked the line for its unique sound.
The situation is that Dashrath Singh is called into investigate the "sale" of Taj Mahal, which by the way is Amar Singh's dig at Mayawati. The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh is called Phoolsakhee which sounds suspiciously close to Mayawati. In fact, Pratima Kazmi even looks like Mayawati in this movie.
Back at the ranch, Dashrath Singh immediately zeroes in onto the fact that this could not have been done without internal collusion. He further zeroes in onto the peon or चपड़ासी as it is called in Hindi. His logic is
"chapraasee ke kaan oopar ke baraasee aur neeche ke teraasee"
"चपड़ासी के कान ऊपर के बरासी और नीचे के तेरासी"
I think he means that a peon is most clued onto the various goings-on in an organisation. I remember the comment made by one of my bosses. He used to say that an organisational rots either at the head or at the bottom. A peon is privy to so much information at times. I would also put cab drivers in the same league. In my previous organisation, the cab driver used to listen very intently to what everyone was saying and within six months, he knew more about the company strategy than the CEO himself.
Though you cannot use it anywhere, and I do not really know what this means, but what the heck. Here it is. Do put in a comment if you know what it means.

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