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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shaadii karne se to khaanaa achchhaa hai

Film : Anand
Year of release : 1971
Spoken by : Dr Bhaskar (Amitabh Bachchan)
Spoken to : Raghu Kaka
This is one of my personal favourites for entirely personal reasons. :)
Raghu Kaka (I dont know who is the character who plays this role, so if someone knows the answer please do tell me, because he did a damn good job and he deserves to be named and 'famed') is the man friday in Bhaskar's household. But many times he serves the dinner on the dining table, only to find that Bhaskar hasn't touched it. Bhaskar of course is busy reading some medical journal or some case papers. On one such occasion, Raghu Kaka's concern turns to frustration.
He tells Bhaskar to get married. He reasons that, then he could retire and go to his village and absolve himself of the crime of not feeding Bhaskar properly.
"तुझे अपने हाथों से पाला है ना, तुझे इस हाल में देख भी नहीं सकता और छोड़ भी नहीं सकता"
The angst in his voice hits home and a sardonic Bhaskar agrees to have dinner immediately, because
"shaadee karne se to khaanaa achchhaa hai"
"शादी करने से तो खाना अच्छा है"
Every time I see Anand, this line makes me smile. Next time you see this movie, pay attention to this line. I am sure it will make you smile.

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