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Friday, September 12, 2008

Form bharnaa zarooree hai kyaa

Film : Munnabhai MBBS
Year of release : 2003
Spoken by : Murli prasad Sharma (Sanjay Dutt)
Spoken to : Dr J Dot Asthana (Baman Irani)

The occasion is the initial welcome lecture for all 1st year MBBS students. The dean, J dot Asthana finishes the speech, wishes everyone luck and asks the customary - "any questions" question. A hand goes up and says
"Yes sir. Yes. Wo baahar casualty me koii marne kee haalat me rahaa to usko form bharnaa zaroori hai kyaa"
"यॅस सर. यॅस. वो बाहर कॅशुयल्टी में कोई मरनी की हालत मे रहा तो उसको फ़ॉर्म भरना ज़रूरी है क्या"
A shocked dean is stunned to find the hand and the subsequent question belongs to none other than his bete noire Munna. He is too stunned to respond. He merely addresses the entire group and says,
"Tumhaaree classes kal subah aath baje shuru hogee. Thank you very much."
"तुम्हारी क्लासिज़ कल सुबह आठ बजे शुरु होंगी. थॅंक यू वॅरी मच"
The bureaucratic 'form' culture is so prevalent everywhere. If you want to use the documents available on a website, they will ask you to log in with a form. You want to add your name to the electoral roll, there is a form. Great. Now if the clerks mess it up and mangle your name, you need to fill another form to change the name on the card. It really becomes irritating at times. Even in private sector organisations (which are supposed to be dynamic), there are elaborate forms for getting two whiteboard markers from the stationery chest.
So next time you are part of some admin or ops shop, asks yourself this question before devising a form -
"ये फ़ॉर्म भरना ज़रूरी है क्या?"

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