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Monday, October 13, 2008

Majority dekhkar mai bhee usee side ho gayaa

Film : Anand
Year of release : 1971
Spoken by : Dr Prakash Kulkarni (Ramesh Deo)
Spoken to : Suman Kulkarni (Seema Deo)
Another great line from that all time classic - Anand. It is not a very well known fact that the dialogues of this film were written by Gulzar. But even when I did not know this fact, I could feel the poetry in the dialogues.
At a party, when Dr Bhaskar and Anand are egging Suman to sing a song by referring to her as Bhaabhii, her husband Prakash also says
"Haan haan bhaabhee"
which results in Suman's obvious displeasure and she says (as is her wont throughout the film) something in Marathi. A sheepish looking Prakash responds with

"Majority dekhkar maiN bhee usee side ho gayaa"
"मॅजॉरिटी देखकर मैं भी उसी साइड हो गया"
I don't know if you have been in a situation where you are taking the feedback from a group of people. Most of the times if there are ten people and seven people have gone in a particular way, the other three will surely veer to that side. Such is the power of majority.

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