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Monday, November 3, 2008

Achchhaa kyaa aur buraa kyaa sab bekaar kee baateN haiN

Film : Devdas
Year of release : 1955
Spoken by : Devdas (Dilip Kumar)
Spoken to : Chunilal (Motilal)
A distraught Devdas runs away to Calcutta, when his parents refuse to accede to his marriage with Paro. There he meets Chunilal, the inveterate wine-and-women-worshipper. He asks Chuni Babu to take him to the nautch girl whom Chuni visits often. Chuni is hesitant. He says
"chal to sakte haiN...par wo jagah achchhee nahee hai"
And a visibly irritated Devdas says
"Achchhaa kyaa aur buraa kyaa, sab bekaar kee baateN haiN"
"अच्छा क्या और बुरा क्या, सब बेकार की बातें हैं"
There are times when faced with the practical difficulties of life, you find it very difficult to do, what you think is the right thing. At such a time, if someone turns moralistic on you, you would find yourself mouthing this line.
I must say one thing. All Bimal Roy films are still very watchable. Bimal Roy did not drink himself. But he made a helluva Devdas.

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