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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Neech aadmii bhee vohee kaam karte haiN jo shareef karte haiN

Film : Daag
Year of release : 1973
Spoken by : Dheeraj Kapoor (Prem Chopra)
Spoken to : Sonia (Sharmila Tagore)
This lesser known film directed by the other and now very famous Chopra - Yash Chopra, is now remembered as the film which marked Kader Khan's debut. He features as a lawyer in a sneeze-and-you-will-miss-me role.
Sonia (Sharmila) and Sunil kohli (Rajesh Khanna) are newly weds who have come to Kulu where Sunil has landed a new job with Kapoor Industries (whose owners are Jagdish Kapoor i.e. Shivadasani and his son Dheeraj Kapoor i.e. Prem Chopra). They have been put up in Kapoor’s house. Dheeraj casts his evil eye on Sonia. He pretends he has come into her room to take out some cash from the safe. He then heaps a few bundles together in his arms and asks her to hold them for a moment. When she does that, he says
"Agar ye saare note aapko de diye jaayeN to kaisa rahegaa?"
"अगर ये सारे नोट आपको दे दिये जायें तो कैसा रहेगा?"
She suddenly understands his intentions and says
"nikal jaaiye mere kamre se"
Dheeraj advances threateningly towards her. Sonia says
"maine to aapko ek shareef aadmi samjhaa thaa, aap to bilkul neech nikle"
"मैने तो आपको एक शरीफ़ आदमी समझा था, आप तो बिलकुल नीच निकले"
He retorts with
"neech aadmi bhee vohee kaam karte haiN jo shareef karte haiN"
"नीच आदमी भी वोही काम करते हैं जो शरीफ़ करते हैं"
and moves on to molest her. You have to see the leer on his face when he says that. Bang on Mr Prem Chopra and so true.

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