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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Aadmii jo hai aur aadmii jo kartaa hai...aage chalkar donoN meN antar naheeN rehtaa

Film : Ardh Satya
Year of release : 1983
Spoken by : Jyotsana Gokhale (Smita Patil)
Spoken to : Anant Velankar (Om Puri)

This film was one of Govind Nihalani's rare films which was a commercial success too. It was a good film and a must watch for all fans of Hindi films. Jyotsana is a college lecturer who is in love with Anant Velankar (who is the 80s version of Inspector Vijay Khanna). She attends a conference on police brutality and excesses and comes back and asks Anant Velankar to leave his job. He protests at her attempt to paint all the policemen with the same brush. She says,

"Dekho aadmi jo hai, aur jo kartaa hai – aage chalkar donoN meN antar naheeN rahtaa. Odhii huyee manovratti bhee aadmi ko khaa letee hai"
"देखो आदमी जो है, और जो करता है - आगे चलकर दोनों में अंतर नहीं रहता. ओढी हुई मनोवृत्ति भी आदमी को खा लेती है"
She has been reading a lot of stuff related to police atrocities and is progressively getting repulsed by the police and policemen.

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