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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

tujhe maa chaahiye yaa chane

Film : Mother India
Year of release : 1957
Spoken by : Radha (Nargis)
Spoken to : Little Birju (Master Sajid)
After a flood in the village, Radha and her kids don't have anything to eat. The village moneylender Sukhilala (Kanhaiyyalal) is trying to sleep with Radha and is using food for her kids as the bait. In this scene, the 'Mother India' factor surfaces. He goes to the hut where the mother and her kids are cooped up. He tries to bribe the kids with some channa (gram). Here is the exchange
Sukhilala: khaanaa pak gayaa beTaa... pak gayaa...raam raam raam are ye kaisaa julam kar rahee ho tum chhoTe chhoTe bachchoN par. kyaa karooN meraa man hee aisaa hai ki kisee kaa dukh naheeN dekhaa jaataa. le beTaa. khaa le.
खाना पक गया बेटा...पक गया...राम राम राम,.. अरे ये कैसा जुलम कर रही हो तुम छोटे छोटे बच्चों पर. क्या करूं मेरा मन ही ऐसा है कि किसी का दुख नहीं देखा जाता. ले बेटा. खा ले.
Radha : phenk de chane ramu. phenk de
फेंक दे चने रामू. फेंक दे
Sukhilala: are tu kaisee maa ho radha. khaa le (as he feeds the younger son birju). shaabaash. is haath meN bhee le (stuffs some more food into the other hand as he sees a hungry birju accepting food and eating it)

अरे तू कैसी मा हो राधा. खा ले. शाबाश. इस हाथ में भी ले.

Radha : birju phenk de chane. phenk de... birju, tujhe maa chaahiye yaa chane.

बिरजू फेंक दे चने...फेंक दे...बिरजू, तुझे माँ चाहिये या चने.

At this Birjoo throws away the food and spits out what he was eating on Sukhilala's face.

Sukhilala : aay haay maa bete sabab sayaane . sabere tak tabeeyat thikaane ho jaayegee

True to his words, just as he leaves Birju collapses due to hunger. Eventually this forces a distraught Radha to go back to Sukhilala. But we will come to that some other time.

I do think however, if you use this line with a modern day kid, he is going to go for the 'chane' and not the 'ma'.

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