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Monday, December 1, 2008

Yeh to cheating hai

Film : Road
Year of release : 2002
Spoken by : Babu (Manoj Bajpai)
Spoken to : Arvind Chauhan (Viveik Oberoi)
The road thriller once again. Arvind and Lakshmi have given a lift in their SUV to Babu. Once he is inside the vehicle, he says he is hungry. Arvind says they have some biscuits in the car. Babu is offended and says that biscuits are for dogs. He manages to convince them to stop at a roadside eatery (Dhaabaa). Do read this post for an interesting line when Babu orders food at the Dhaabaa.
When the couple realises that they have probably made a mistake by giving a lift to Babu, Lakshmi convinces Arvind to make some excuse and refuse to carry him any further. Arvind goes to Babu and says
"हमें राजगढ़ नहीं बस्सी जाना है"
And asks him to make his own arrangement. Babu comes up with this classic
"ये तो चीटिंग है"
He says that now that he has had a full meal and even gulped down a large glass of lassi (buttermilk), he cannot walk. And now Arvind tells him that he cannot give him a lift as originally planned. This according to him is 'cheating'.

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