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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

kaho to phir andar bhijvaa deN

Film: Zanjeer
Year of release : 1973
Spoken by : Teja (Ajit)
Spoken to : Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan)

Vijay has been jailed on a trumped up charge of bribery. The main man behind setting him up was Teja. When Vijay is released he is eager for revenge. He goes straight to a phone booth and he calls Teja. Here is the conversation. Reproducing it verbatim as it is a very famous line.

"Teja maiN vijay bol rahaa hooN"

"तेजा मैं विजय बोल रहा हूं"

"Oh hello inspector"

"ओह हलो इंस्पॅक्टर"

"maiN baahar aa gayaa hooN"

"मैं बाहर आ गया हूं"

"kaho to phir andar bhijvaa deN"

"कहो तो फिर अन्दर भिजवा दें"

What sets Ajit's Teja apart from other villains of that time is that he never went over the top. He is very cool and maintains what I would call his 'sangfroid' at all times. Superb.

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