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Sunday, March 15, 2009

soorat se dil kaa pata naheeN chaltaa

Film : Prem Patra
Year of release : 1962
Spoken by : Dr Arun Kumar (Shashi Kapoor)
Spoken to : Arun's aunt

Dr Arun's aunt is eager to fix his marriage with the local landowner's daughter. This would help him to get the requisite money to fund his higher studies abroad. Dr Arun has been heartbroken because of his scholarship having been cancelled for a flimsy reason. So he has kind of resigned himself to his fate. His aunt is trying to emotionally blackmail him and says,

"chaaho to kal laRkee dekh aao "
"चाहो तो कल लड़की देख आओ"
"dekhne se kyaa hotaa hai. soorat se dil kaa pataa naheeN chaltaa. jab wo aapko pasand hai - to bas Theek hai"
"देखने से क्या होता है. सूरत से दिल का पता नहीं चलता, जब वो आपको पसन्द है - तो बस ठीक है"
In English there is a saying - face is the index of the mind. Here is a version trying to negate that saying. It is interesting that you can often find good lines contradicting the inherent wisdom in each other. Sometimes even in the same language.

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  1. aajkal toh dil ka bhi bharosa nai hai..badi jaldi switch marta hai