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Monday, May 25, 2009

baap kii kamaaii naheeN paap kee kamaaii hai

Film : Phool aur Patthar
Year of release : 1966
Spoken by : Sarju (OP Ralhan)
Spoken to : Fatso (his gangmember)

Sarju is distributing the loot equally among his gang members after a 'jhamoora' performance. So each gang member gets 1 re 81 paise (har di har har). A 'jhamoora' performance is one, where there is a ringmaster kind of character - the ustaad, who prompts his protege - the jhamoora, with questions. The protege responds and does some acts which together provide entertainment to the collected audience. But Sarju also used this as a ruse to pick the pockets of the members of the audience.
When Fatso protests-
"kamaal hai ustaad , do chhataank aadmi ke liye 1 re 81 paise aur mere liye bhee'
Sarju says ' kam khaayaa kar' and follows that up with
"baap kee kamaai nahee paap kee kamaaii hai sab ko baraabar kaa hissa milegaa"
"बाप की कमाई नहीं पाप की कमाई है, सब को बराबर का हिस्सा मिलेगा"

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