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Friday, May 15, 2009

dekhaa bhii naheeN ke gaay hai ya bail aur loTaa leke duhne baiTh gayaa

Film : Jaagte Raho
Year of release : 1956
Spoken by : Shashaank Bhaiyya (Anon)
Spoken to : Chandu (Iftekhar)
Jaagte Raho is one of the better films of Raj Kapoor. Of course, he tries to irritate the hell out of me like always, but somehow holds my attention. It is the simple story of a village simpleton who comes to the city and is thirsty and looks for water. He is thought by a policeman to be a thief and is chased into a housing compound and there he hides in one house after the other and keeps looking for water. He does not find any water, but he does find the level of debasement and corruption in the lives of these 'bourgeouise'.

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