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Sunday, May 10, 2009

crocin ko maanne meN aur bhagwaan ko maanne meN kyaa farq hai

Film : Phoonk
Year of release : 2008
Spoken by : Manja (Zakir Husain)
Spoken to : Rajiv (Sudeep)

Kannada star Sudeep stars in this Ramgopal Varma film which dared anyone in the audience to watch the film alone in a theatre. I thought the film was not scare at all. But I will grant you this, I have a strong heart. I will also grant you that the performance by some actors was very credible.

Quickly, this is the story of an atheist who is forced to believe. As the story approaches its climax, the tantric Manja asks Rajiv, if he is an atheist.
Rajiv replies in the affirmative. Manja asks him the reason. Rajiv says he doesn't know, and follows up with a rhetorical question - What is God?
Manja looks at him and asks him if he pops a Crocin when he is suffering from fever. Rajiv says yes. Manja asks him how does he know what is Crocin and that it will cure him. Doesn't he just 'believe' in the doctor when he asks him to pop a Crocin. And then the punchline
"Crocin ko maanne meN aur bhagwaan ko maanne meN kyaa farq hai"
"क्रोसिन को मानने में और भागवान को मानने में क्या फर्क़ है?"

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