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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

vo aadmii paidaa nahee.n huaa...kabhii naa kabhii jiskii neeyat naa Dolee ho

Film : Johny Mera Naam
Year of release : 1970
Spoken by : Tara (Padma Khanna)
Spoken to : Rai Sahab Bhupendra Singh (Prem Nath)
Tara is in love with Babu (Randhawa - Dara Singh's younger brother). Babu is a loyal henchman of Moti (Pran) and is entrusted with the money fetched from the sale of diamonds to deliver it to Rai Bhupinder Singh at his hideout near the Indian border.
But Babu makes plans to escape to Singapore with the money, along with his girlfriend Tara and start a new life there. Johny (Dev Anand) gets to know of it through a concealed microphone and betrays them to Moti. Moti takes the couple to Bhupinder Singh’s hideout where the leader orders his men to shoot Babu. Tara throws herself at Rai Sahab's mercy and asks that Babu be spared. Her defence of Babu's act is
"vo aadmii paidaa nahee.n huaa Rai Sahab, kabhii naa kabhii jiskii neeyat naa Dolee ho"
"वो आदमी पैदा नहीं हुआ राय साहब, कभी ना कभी जिसकी नीयत ना डोली हो"
I liked this line a lot because it reminded me of a national award winning Tamil film called "Sila NerangaLil Sila ManidargaL (சில நேரங்களில் சில மனிதர்கள்). I strongly recommend that movie if you liked this line.
Meanwhile, Rai Sahab agrees to let Babu go and takes Babu's girlfriend as his mistress. Tara realises much later that Rai Sahab actually killed Babu. Johny wins Moti’s trust and replaces Babu in the hierarchy and takes an important step towards reaching his goal, that of locating the gang leader and breaking the back bone of the gang.

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