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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gam to is cheez kaa hai ki paise aate nahee.n hai.n

Film : Chashme Buddoor
Year of release : 1981
Spoken by : Lallan Miyaa (Saeed Jaffrey)
Spoken to : Jomo or Jai Lakhanpal (Ravi Baswani)

Omi (Rakesh Bedi), Jomo and Siddharth (Faarooque Sheikh) are three college students who share a room and thus ending up sharing a life as well. This is one of those rare movies that is almost entirely shot in Delhi.

In this scene, Jomo is running after a girl who he has spotted from his balcony. Lallan (who owns a paan shop) catches hold of him and physically drags him back to his shop. The three room mates buy cigarettes on credit from his shop and are constantly behindhand in paying. Thus he is rightly miffed. Jomo on the other hand is trying to mollify him. Lallan says,

"nikaal paise"
"निकाल पैसे"

Jomo says,

"aa jaayenge, aa jaayenge, Lallan Miyaa, paise kahee.n nahee.n jaate"
"आ जायेंगे, आ जायेंगे, लल्लन मियाँ, पैसे कहीं नहीं जाते"

Lallan comes up with this classic line,

"abe jaane kee kaun baat kar riyaa hai, Gam to is cheez kaa hai, ki paise aate nahee.n hai.n"
"अबे जाने की कौन बात कर रिया है, ग़म तो इस चीज़ का है, कि पैसे आते नहीं हैं"

I have worked as a recovery officer for a finance company and used to remember this line often.

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