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Saturday, September 5, 2009

registaan me.n phool khilaa aur tu kehtaa hai colour kyaa hai!

Film : Kabul Express
Year of release : 2006
Spoken by : Jai Kapoor (Arshad Warsi)
Spoken to : Suhel Khan (John Abraham)

Kabul Express is based on the real life, post 9/11 experiences of debutant director Kabir Khan and his colleague Rajan Kapoor. Kabir Khan retains the surnames for the two protagonists in the film. I would say it is a different film, but not something I would recommend (I have a reputation to uphold).

Jai and Suhel are having dinner in Kabul when Reuters reporter Jessica Beckham (Linda Arsenio) joins them. Jai starts telling her that they have seen a Talib. Suhel stops him from talking about it. When they leave Suhel rebukes Jai for having been indiscrete about such a vital piece of information. Jai says

"kyaa maal hai yaar. isko saath nahee.n le jaa sakte?"

An angry Suhel retorts,

"tuu to saale Tharkee hai, goree dekhte hee phisal gayaa"

Jai makes a faux-protest against this morality attack. He says,

"registaan me.n phool khilaa aur tu kehtaa hai colour kyaa hai! itne dino.n baad to laRkii dekhee hai"
"रेगिस्तान में फूल खिला और तू कहता है कलर क्या है! इतने दिनों बाद तो लड़की देखी है"

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