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Thursday, October 15, 2009

ek to jungle me.n aag oopar se chaDDii me.n naag

Film : Dhol
Year of release : 2007
Spoken by : Gautam "Goti" Sisodiya
Spoken to : Himselves
This is a caper about a group of friends who move from one funny situation to another. This was a remake of a 1990 Malayalam film In Harihar Nagar which was later remade as MGR Nagaril in Tamil. Unfortunately did not do as well in Hindi. Pakkiya (Sharman Joshi) brings in a couple to live with them. The couple has actually run away from home. Goti is not too happy, as they themselves have many problems to face and cannot afford to complicate their lives further. So when they leave he says out aloud
"ek to jungle me.n aag, oopar se chaDDii me.n naag"
"एक तो जंगल में आग, ऊपर से चड़डी में नाग"

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