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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ghar ka na khaaye aur duniyaa mauj uRaaye

Film : Man ka Meet

Year of release : 1968

Spoken by : Pran (Vinod Khanna)

Spoken to : Lala ji (Om Prakash)

This was Vinod Khanna's debut film. Otherwise a very boring film. Interestingly he plays a villain in this film and his screen name is Pran. Towards the climax, Pran's villainy is revealed and Lalaji, who hitherto thought of him as loyal relative, is shocked to see the real Pran. He asks Pran why he is threatening his daughter Aarti (Leena Chandavarkar). Pran says that Lalaji is distributing all his wealth to the poor and it is unlikely that he (who has been a loyal aide and colleague) will be left with anything. As he puts it

"ghar ka na khaaye aur duniyaa mauj uRaaye"

"घर का ना खाये और दुनिया मौज उड़ाये"

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