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Sunday, October 25, 2009

aap jitnaa bhee zyaadaa soche.n, kam hee hogaa

Film : Chor Chor
Year of release : 1974
Spoken by : Hemlata (Leena Chandavarkar)
Spoken to : Aakaash (Vijay Anand)
This is one of the thrillers made reasonably well, which most people don't know about.
Hemlata has realised that she has feelings for Aakaash. He is lying sleepy and ill in his room in the guest house which is owned by Hemlata's mother. It is late in the night. Hemlata goes into his room to check on him. Aakaash says "log kyaa sochenge?". She says, she really does not care about that, but what will you think? He says that he can think quite a lot and read a lot of meaning into her action. She comes up with a great one liner. I think this is one of the better ways in which a Hindi film heroine has professed her love.
"aap jitnaa bhee zyaadaa soche.n, kam hee hogaa"
"आप जितना भी ज़्यादा सोचें, कम ही होगा"

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