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Monday, October 5, 2009

jahaa.n dekhtee hai.n ek rishtaa qaayam kar letii hai.n

Film : Kabhi Kabhie
Year of release : 1976
Spoken by : Amit Malhotra (Amitabh Bachchan)
Spoken to : Pooja Khanna (Rakhee Gulzar)

Amit is a poet and he has gone to Pooja's college to recite his poetry. Pooja (among all the other girls) is enamoured of this tall, shy poet with a great voice. When she goes to take his autograph, he starts flirting with her. He praises her eyes. Pooja asks him what's so special about her eyes. A normal person would have been cornered by such a direct question. But Amit is a poet. So he comes up with a great response. He says,

"jahaa.n dekhtee hai.n ek rishtaa qaayam kar letii hai.n"
"जहां देखती हैं एक रिश्ता क़ायम कर लेती हैं"

On a lighter note, I used to wonder (and still do) about the way the title of the film was written. Why was the first 'Kabhi' written with just the 'i' and the second 'Kabhie' is written with 'ie'. Do write in and let me know, in case you know the answer.

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