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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

baap ne maarii me.nRhakii beTaa teerandaaz

Film : Prem Rog
Year of release : 1982
Spoken by : Radha's mother in law (Dina Pathak)
Spoken to : Radha's husband (Rajinder Nath)

Radha (Kiran Vairale) is Manorama's (Padmini Kolhapure) childhood friend. She gets married to Rajinder Nath and keeps him under her thumb. In one scene, Radha's husband comes in to the house looking for her. He sees his mother and asks her where Radha is. His mother is disgusted with her son running around Radha all the time. So she says

"baap ne maarii me.nRhakii beTaa teerandaaz"
"बाप ने मारी मेंढकी बेटा तीरंदाज़"

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