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Friday, November 20, 2009

itnaa runway ho gayaa, ab take off karo

Film : Johny Mera Naam
Year of release : 1970
Spoken by : I S Johar (as Dooja Ram)
Spoken to : Unknown actor (Premnath's goons)
Dialogue writer : Vijay Anand

I S Johar plays a triple role in this film. Not a father, son, grandson kind of triple role. These are three brothers - Pahlaa Ram, Dooja Ram and Teeja Ram. Pehla Ram is a palmist. Dooja Ram is an Indian Airlines steward. In a case of mistaken identity, Moti (Pran) thinks that Dooja Ram is Teeja Ram - his bar man. When his drink takes a long time coming, Moti thinks Teeja  is pulling a fast one. His boss Bhupendra Singh (Premnath) sends his men to pick him up. When the goons are frog marching Dooja towards Moti, he asks them what they are doing. The goons think that he is pretending, but Dooja actually has no clue why he is being frog marched. Finally he gets exasperated and asks them

"arre, itna runway ho gayaa, ab take off karo. kyaa baat hai?"
"अरे, इतना रनवे हो गया, अब टेक ऑफ़ करो. क्या बात है? "

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