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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ham to private company waalo.n ka namak khaate hai.n

Film : Dhoop
Year of release : 2003
Spoken by : Electricity department employee
Spoken to : Prof. Suresh Kapoor (Om Puri)
This film is based on a real life struggle of the father of a Kargil war hero to get a petrol pump allotted to him. It is a good film. Om Puri, Revathi and Gul Panag are excellent. The story moves along his travails with every department in getting the petrol pump. The electricity department also harasses him. Prof Kapoor tries to reason with him. He appeals to his patriotism and tells him that the petrol pump has been allotted due to compassionate reasons. But the cynical electricity department employee responds with
"is desh ka namak nahee.n khaate ji ham. ham to private company waalon ka namak khaate hai.n"
"इस देश का नमक नहीं खाते जी हम. हम तो प्राइवेट कम्पनी वालों का नमक खाते हैं"
I feel Tata missed a great in-film branding opportunity here!

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