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Monday, November 30, 2009

shakti kaa santulan bahut zaroorii hai sansaar me.n

Film : Maqbool
Year of release : 2003
Spoken by : Inspector Pandit (Om Puri)
Spoken to : ACP Devsare (Murali Sharma)

ACP Devsare has been newly posted. A major shoot out has occurred in his jurisdiction. He asks the two officers PanDit and Purohit where they were on the night of the crime. They both claim they were on duty. Devsare is skeptical about their claim. He says, if that was indeed the case, the crime would never have been committed. PanDit responds with the classic

"phir to bahut baDaa crime ho jaataa sir. shakti kaa santulan bahut zarooree hai sansaar me.n. aag ke liye paanii kaa Dar bane rahnaa chaahiye"
"फिर तो बहुत बडा क्राइम हो जाता सर. शक्ति का संतुलन बहुत ज़रूरी है संसार में. आग के लिए पानी का डर बने रहना चाहिये"

The entire cold war was testimony to this adage. But we seem to be doing fine even in a unipolar world. 

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