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Thursday, November 5, 2009

mardo.n ke mukhauTe badalte hai.n, mard nahee.n

Film : Bhumika
Year of release : 1977
Spoken by : Mrs. Kale (Amrish Puri's first wife)
Spoken to : Urvashi (Smita Patil)
This was a film based on Hansa Wadkar's autobiography called Sangte Aika (literally translated it means - I'll speak and you listen). I found the message slightly layered, but then I am too used to the Bollywood formula. Urvashi (or Usha as she is later called) keeps running from one man to another. From the slightly elder Dalvi (Amol Palekar) to her co star Rajan (Anant Nag) to the witty producer Sunil (Naseeruddin Shah). She finally meets Vinayak Kale (Amrish Puri) and feels that she would settle down with him. She does not realise that he is already married (his first wife is handicapped) and worse while living with Kale, she cannot move out of the house without Kale's approval. She feels stifled and plans to run away to Dalvi, her first partner. Kale's first wife learns of this and tells her
"mardo.n ke mukhauTe badalte hai.n, mard nahee.n"
"मर्दों के मुखौटे बदलते हैं, मर्द नहीं"

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