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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ek aap hai.n, ek saale vo the

Film : Sharaabi
Year of release : 1984
Spoken by : Vicky (Amitabh Bachchan)
Spoken to : Sudhir and his gang

This is one of the most interesting sequences of the film. Sudhir and his gang of goons accost Vicky on his way and relieve him of his gold chain, wallet and other possessions. When he goes to a slightly lower class bar - he finds that Sudhir and his gang have also come there. He goes and tells them that they are all very 'shareef' i.e. decent and good people. However, he also says that he has been waylaid by a bunch of goons who have taken away his money and his gold chain.

"ek aap hai.n, ek saalo vo the"

A la Marc Antony, he gradually establishes the fact that the goons that he is referring to and the current lot of 'decent' men are the same. He bashes them up one by one. He keeps on repeating the line

"एक आप हैं, एक साले वो थे"

But not until he has collected a lot of applause from the front benchers and the back benchers.

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