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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Barsaat ki pehli boond ko tapti hui zameen par gir kar fana honaa hi paRtaa hai

Film : Ghulaami
Year of release : 1985
Spoken by : Sumitra (Smita Patil)
Spoken to : Ranjit Singh (Dharmendra)
Dialogue writer : OP Dutta
Ranjit Singh has become an outlaw. His childhood friend Sumitra tries to broker peace (she has now married a police officer) and arranges a meeting with Ranjit to try and convince him to give up the path of armed resistance. Ranjit Singh is reluctant to do so. Sumitra gives him the logic that is beautifully brought out in this quotation
"The trouble with being a pioneer is that you get shot by Red Indians"
She says
"Barsaat ki pehlii boond ko taptii huii zameen par gir kar fana honaa hi paRtaa hai'"

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