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Sunday, January 10, 2010

You will be 'suee' I will be 'suar'

Film : Kambakkht Ishq
Year of release : 2009
Spoken by : KeswaNi (Javed Jaffrey)
Spoken to : Hot Dog Stall owner (Bill Marinella)
This is such a crap film that I can't even tell you. But I found this very interesting and funny line which I thought I should share. It is a great take on the lessor-lessee or mortgagor-mortgagee kind of terms that are used in financial sector. I have spent my entire life in the financial sector and I found this dig at these legal-financial terms very droll.
This film of course is a shameless copy of the 2002 Tamil superhit Pammal K Sambandham which had superb writing by Crazy Mohan and superb acting by Kamalahaasan. In the original there is a character of a person who is very fond of going to the consumer court for everything. This character is played by Madan Bob. A similar character is fleshed out in KI, with Javed Jaffrey doing the honours.
He goes to a hot dog stall owner and buys a hot dog for 2 dollars. Then he fishes out a needle (or suee) and claims that he found the needle inside the hotdog. He threatens to sue the hot dog stall owner. Using a delightful pun he says
"You will be 'suee' I will be 'suar'"


  1. Keswani wasnt Javed Jaffery, it was Ravi Baswani...

  2. No sir. Keswani was Javed Jaffri. Most certainly.