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Monday, January 25, 2010

kaii baar ke liye ek baar zaroorii hai

Film : Bazaar
Year of release : 1982
Spoken by : Salim (Naseeruddin Shah)
Spoken to : Najma (Smita Patil)

Salim is a poet and a civilized man. He loves Najma, but is willing to wait for his turn. He tries to tell her that Akhtar (Bharat Kapoor) will never marry her, and she should take a decision in her life. But she lingers on to a false hope with Akhtar. But she does have a soft corner for Salim.

Salim calls her up one day and says

"tumse ek baar milnaa hai"
Najma: kab?
Salim : Jab tum chaaho.
Najma: ek hii baar kyo.n?

Then Salim with the subtlety and finesse of the poet that he is, slips in this gem. He says

"kaii baar ke liye ek baar zaroorii hai"
"कई बार के लिये एक बार ज़रूरी है"

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, eh!


  1. Hi Ravi,

    Just heard a wonderful line and thought of u.....i don't know the situation in which these lines are uttered, but nonetheless...

    from the film kinara....these lines are the prelude to kishore's masterpiece "jaane kya soch kar nahi guzara..."

    zindagi kabhi palon me guzar jaati hain, kabhi zindagi-bhar ek pal nahi guzarta...

  2. Kaii baar naye post likhne ke liye ek baar naya post likhna zaroori hai - so get cracking !

    Commenting as promised !