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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Saliim tujhe marne nahee.n dega aur hum tujhe jeene nahee.n denge

Film : Mughal-e-Azam
Year of release: 1960
Spoken by: Akbar (Prithviraj Kapoor)
Spoken to: Anarkali (Madhubala)

The lid had been blown off the Salim-Anarkali love story and it has now reached a situation where Akbar has decided to execute Anarkali. However Salim has promised Anarkali that he will consummate their love, and Anarkali begs Akbar to let Salim fulfil his promise, or else, the future emperor of India will be proved a liar. Akbar grants her the wish, saying that at the end of the day she has to make Salim unconscious, so that his soldiers can carry Anarkali away for execution. In his words -

"taaki voh teri maut se naa aashnaa ho jaaye, tujhe bhool jaaye, aur hamaare pehredaar tujhe behosh aashiq ke pehloo se uThaa kar, maut kee aaGosh me.n gum kar de.n"

Anarkali agrees to this plan. She says

"maut muhabbat se qareeb ho gayee. aisaa hee hogaa."

Akbar however delivers his immortal ultimatum thus -

'agar aisa naa huaa, to saliim tujhe marne nahee.n dega.. aur hum, anarkali, tujhe jeene nahee.n denge'
"अगर ऐसा ना हुआ, तो सलीम तुझे मरने नहीं देगा और हम अनारकली, तुझे जीने नहीं देंगे' 


  1. I assume you'll think that this is quite 'unconnected', but this Mughal-e-Aazam dialogue reminds me of Ajit's immortal line, which goes something like, "....isse liquid oxygen mein dubo do.Liquid isse jeene nahin dega aur oxygen isse marne nahi dega"

  2. Same thoughts as the previous commenter. Jeena-marna liquid oxygen ke sang so to speak