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Saturday, November 20, 2010

kaunsaa cigarette laaoo.n aap ke liye

Film : Dil Tera Diwana
Year of release : 1962
Spoken by : Diwan Badriprasad acting as Raamdeen driver (Ulhaas)
Spoken to : Mohan and Anokhe (Shammi Kapoor and Mehmood)
Dialogue writer : Pa NeelakanTan and Inder Raj Anand

This was a remake of the 1958 Sivaji Ganesan comedy Sabaash Meena. Great music by Shankar Jaikishan. This scene has subsequently been repeated in various forms in many films. The father is a martinet (Diwan Badriprasad) and the son (Mohan ) seeks some freedom. One day the son plans to sneak away to watch a play with his friend (Anokhe). Diwan senses this and asks the driver to slip away and takes his place. Mohan and Anokhe are oblivious that the driver is in fact Mohan's father. Mohan continues to curse his lack of freedom. They finally ask the driver to go and buy some cigarettes. Diwan is initially shocked at being asked to do that but recovers and turns around and asks the two

"kaunsaa cigarette laaoo.n aap ke liye?"
"कौनसा सिगरेट लाऊँ आपके लिये?"

In unison, both Mohan and Anokhe say

"Five, Five ..." and as they are about to say the last 'five', they see the face of the driver and together jump out of the car window. 

Absolute copy of the Sivaji/Chandrababu/SV Ranga Rao scene and I found the original more delightful. 

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