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Sunday, July 10, 2011

aur kisee ko chaahiye promotion

Film : Dabangg
Year of release : 2010
Spoken by : Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan)
Spoken to : His team of policemen
Dialogue writer : Dilip Shukla and Abhinav Singh Kashyap

Chulbul Pandey has led his team in a raid to catch the daring daylight robbers of the Bank of Uttar Pradesh. When I say led, I mean he does it single handedly. His team arrives just in time to share the spoils. This is the interesting team meeting that happens post the capture of the robbers. The character of Constable Chaubey is played by Ram Sujan in the film. 

Chaubey ji : namaste saahab. ham sab bandobast pe haazir hai.n. kahaa.n hai.n haraamzaade.

Chulbul : haraamzaade se yaad aayaa Chaubey ji, aapake aadaraNeeya pitaashree aajkal kaise hai.n

jii Theek hai.n sir

good. Dakait andar paDe hai.n. ghaayal hai.n bechaaro.n ko chhoD do.

Chaubey ji : chhoD de.n?! lekin hamko phir promotion kaise milegaa sir?

Chulbul : ham bataate hai.n naa Chaubey ji. report likhiye, ke police ne Dakaito.n ko gher liyaa thaa, golii baarii huee. cross firing ke andar hamaare ek naujawaan bahaadur sipaahii ko golii lag gayee. 

Chaubey ji : golii lag gayii? lekin hamaare sab sipaahii surakshit hai.n sir.

Bang. Chaubey is shot in the right arm by Chulbul. 

Chulbul : kisko golii lagii chaubeyji

Chaubey ji : hamko hamko sir.

Chulbul : aur kisii ko chaahiye promotion.
और किसी को चाहिये प्रोमोशन.

Another constable : nahee.n sir. nahee.n sir. aglee baar. aglee baar. 

I was very tempted to put up this line as the main one. ' aglee baar. aglee baar'. But then I don't know who that character is. So I am taking the easy way out and crediting it to the more famous actor. 

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