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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

barfii ke bahaane gangaa aur jamunaa ke sangam me.n chimat ke baiTh gayaa hai

Film : Mujhe Jeene Do
Year of release : 1963
Spoken by : Thakur Jarnail Singh (Sunil Dutt)
Spoken to : Chamelijaan (Waheeda Rahman)
Dialogue writer : Agha Jaani Kashmiri

A romantic scene between Thakur and Chameli after the two are married. She eats a piece of barfii and the silver foil sticks to her lips. Thakur sees this and remarks,

"isko kyaa haq thaa?"

She asks,


He says

"chaandii ke is TukDe ko. jo barfii ke bahaane, gangaa aur jamunaa ke sangam me.n chimaT ke baiTh gayaa hai"
"चान्दी के इस टुकडे को. जो बर्फ़ी के बहाने, गंगा और जमुना के संगम में चिमट के बैठ गया है"

Nice prelude to a kiss. The best I have heard or seen in a Hindi film. 


  1. Wow - you do pick some absolute gems. You would really have ben listening closely to have picked up that line ....

    being a nice, family oriented film - the prelude is all you get to see. Wonder how they 'progressed' the scene after this line (was it two flowers being blown together by the wind, or two birds pencking at each others beak - or the oldest trick in the book - camera pans right toward the sunset)

  2. Dear Ghost writer

    the scene progresses with sunil dutt making a grab at waheeda and she ducks out of the camera frame (from the bottom) and runs away. sunil dutt chases her. dissolve.

    they reappear from the fields with waheeda chasing sunil dutt. waheeda then makes a telling comment.
    tum mujhe aaj jitne achchhe lag rahe ho, kya hamesha itne achche lagoge.
    the line suggests that something more than what this dialogue suggested happened. :)