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Monday, March 19, 2012

nayaa nayaa driver bahut horn bajataa hai...

Film : Bardaasht
Year of release : 2004
Spoken by : Nagesh Bhonsle (Corrupt Lawyer and Lara Dutta's boss)
Spoken to : ACP Yashwant Thakur (Rahul Dev)
Dialogue writer : Girish Dhamija

Director E Niwas always makes films about the police force. This probably is his finest film. Three corrupt cops murder a college student in cold blood and then try to cover their tracks using their connections and clout. The brother of the deceased is an ex-army man and refuses to accept things lying down. He keeps at the case till the 3 are brought to book. 

As the story unfolds, Advocate Paayal (Lara Dutta) gets her petition against the corrupt cops accepted in the court. An angry Yashwant accosts his lawyer (who was earlier Paayal's boss) and says

"tu uska guru hai yaa woh teri guru"
"तू उसका गुरु है या वो तेरी गुरु"

Nagesh Bhonsle comes back with this line

"nayaa nayaa driver bahut horn bajataa hai, iskaa matlab yeh nahee.n ki vo race jeet jaayegaa"
"नया नया ड्राइवर बहुत हॉर्न बजाता है, इसका मतलब ये नहीं कि वो रेस जीत जाएगा"

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