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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

bataane se baat hee paraayee hotee hai babuji, paraaye apne nahee.n ho jaate

Film : Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Year of release : 1978
Spoken by : Roopa (Zeenat Aman)
Spoken to : Ranjeev (Shashi Kapoor)
Dialogue writer : Jainendra Jain

A film about beauty and how it is perceived. Ranjeev dislikes ugliness of every sort. So much so that when his BaDe Babu (David) shows him his reflection in a funny mirror (which distorts the reflection), he recoils in horror. Roopa is an otherwise beautiful girl with a figure to die for, but one side of her face is scarred. She however presents (initially due to a coincidence and later by design) only her left profile, which leads him to believe that she is beautiful. But like with all Indian heroines, moral pangs catch up with her and this scene features her in the temple in a moral quandary about keeping her scarred face from Babuji (Shashi Kapoor). Ranjeev comes in to the temple at that moment and sees her crying. He asks her,

"kyaa baat hai"

She says

"kuchh nahee.n"

He persists

"Roopa kyaa baat hai, bataaogii nahee.n mujhe"

She comes up with this line.

"bataane se baat hee paraayee hotee hai babuji, paraaye apne nahee.n ho jaate. jaane deejiye mujhe"
"बताने से बात ही पराई होती है बाबूजी, पराये अपने नहीं हो जाते. जाने दीजिये मुझे"

This dialogue has been suggested by the same man who inspired the creation of this blog. He has never been able to convince me that this is a great line. But has gamely tried for over 3 years now. I have finally deferred to his wish. 

Please do let me know, if you like this line. It essentially suggests - to quote my friend "99% of the people do not listen to your woes with an effort to empathise. They just listen for the fun of it. And hence you should be careful while sharing your sorrows with others - no matter how sympathetic they might seem."

As Mr KhanKhaana's doha goes

रहिमन निज मन की ब्यथा मन ही राखो गोय
सुनि अठिलैहें लोग सब, बांटि ना लै है कोय

My friend also deserves an award for noting a dialogue of Zeenat Aman from SSS. Most other men were too busy elsewhere. 
Comes at around 1 hour 15 minutes into the movie. 

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