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Friday, April 20, 2012

jii mai.n maange ke kapDo.n me.n hameshaa achchhii lagtii hoo.n

Film : Seeta aur Geeta
Year of release : 1972
Spoken by : Geeta (Hema Malini)
Spoken to : Ravi's mother (Ratnamala) 
Dialogue writer : Salim-Javed

Another Salim-Javed gem. Makes it a Salim Javed double bill so to speak. This is the female version of Ram aur Shyam and the confident sister - Geeta is now with Ravi. Ravi had earlier gone to meet Seeta (literally the poor cousin) and her family in connection with a possible alliance and had come back disappointed. He now believes Geeta is the same girl. And takes her home. Geeta is wearing a gypsy dress and hence he asks her to wear something more appropriate -  from his sister's wardrobe. She emerges looking stunning. Ravi tells his parents that  what they saw the other day was a charade and Seeta's guardians actually mistreat her.  The parents are shocked and obviously approve of Seeta's (Geeta's) new look. Ravi's mother (Ratnamala) says

"main to kehtii hoo.n, mujhe to nafrat ho gayee hai un logo.n se. us din kis huliye me.n ise hamaare saamane laaye the.aur aaj dekho, kaisee achchhee lagtee hai. "
"मैं तो कहती हूं, मुझे तो नफ़रत हो गयी है उन लोगों से. उस दिन किस हुलिये में इसे हमारे सामने लाये थे. और आज देखो, कैसी अच्छी लगती है."

Different people respond in different ways to compliments. And Geeta responds with this good natured and rather naive remark,

"jii mai.n maange ke kapDo.n me.n hameshaa achchhii lagtii hoo.n"
"जी मैं मांगे के कपडों में हमेशा अच्छी लगती हूं"

So if you are used to borrowing clothes, you can use this line. I can't. Nobody in this world is my size!

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