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Sunday, June 10, 2012

aadmii to tum shareef ho sirF chaal chalan Kharaab hai

Film : Ek Thi Ladki 
Year of release : 1949
Spoken by : Inspector Hukoomat Rai (Unknown)
Spoken to : Sohan and Mohan (IS Johar and Majnu)
Dialogue writer : IS Johar 

The film is remembered today for the 'lara lappa' song by Lata. But if you want to see a very young IS Johar (possibly his first film), you must watch this. 

Two habitual jailbirds (like Jai and Viru but much more harmless) are released after one such prison term. On their way out, Inspector Hukumat Rai accosts the two jail birds. He asks them if they are going to mend their ways or not. The two say they have given up on bad deeds and would certainly mend their ways. The inspector remarks 

"bhai aadmii to tum shareef ho sirF chaal chalan Kharaab hai"
"भई आदमी तो तुम शरीफ़ हो, सिर्फ़ चाल चलन ख़राब है"
[Rough translation - You are honourable/noble people, it is your behaviour which is bad]

This is classic IS Johar humour (remember this guy invented the 'aaThvaa.n sur' in one movie). He has a way of paying backhanded compliments. This film was of course written by him. 

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  1. really... "aadmi tum shareef ho sirf chaal-chalan kharab hai"
    wakai... likhne walle ki had tay nahi ki jaa sakti...