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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

aankh jo dekhe dhokhaa khaaye, dil jo andhaa vohii rah batlaaye

Film : Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Year of release : 1978
Spoken by : Roopa (Zeenat Aman)
Spoken to : Ranjiv (Shashi Kapoor)
Dialogue writer : Jainendra Jain

Like always Ranjiv  is chasing Roopa. He had sent her a letter and wants to know if she liked what he had written in the letter. It turns out that the girl he is speaking to is not Roopa and while running away from this other girl - he falls into a ditch. Roopa, who is passing by, sees this and taunts him.

"aankhon ke bharose mat rahna babuji. aankh jo dekhe dhokhaa khaaye, dil jo andhaa vohii raah batlaaye"
"आंख जो देखे धोखा खाये दिल जो अन्धा वोही राह बतलाये"

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