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Friday, July 20, 2012

tu kuli hai,kuli hai,kuli hai, KULI HAI

Film : Coolie No 1
Year of release : 1995
Spoken by : Hoshiyar Chand (Kader Khan)
Spoken to : Raju (Govinda)
Dialogue writer : Kader Khan

David Dhawan made his career by remaking Telugu superhits. This was a remake of the 1991 film of the same name - starring Venkatesh and Tabu. The Hindi version is substantially different (though the basic premise is the same). It is more of a comedy and the Telugu version is more of a action comedy drama (typical Telugu Film formula).

This is another dialogue that I use often. It can be used when you want to forcefully reiterate an aspect of your interlocutor's identity - which your interlocutor might be denying. The film is of course hilarious and replete with Kader Khan classics like "ye banglaa hai yaa bangaal". 

Hoshiyar Chand has been tricked into believing that Raju is a rich man's estranged son (Kunwar Mahendra Pratap). He gets his daughter Malti (Karishma Kapoor) married to him hoping that father and son will patch up one day and the property worth crores would eventually come to him (his daughter). However one day he discovers that his son in law is actually a coolie at the state bus stand. He goes to  his daughter's house and tells her the truth. When Raju comes back Hoshiyar Chand and Malti accuse him of being a coolie. Raju reacts with

"मैं कुली का काम करूंगा - कुंवर महेन्द्र प्रताप ?"

Hoshiyar Chand rebuts his assertion with this classic line

"ए तू नाम नहीं लेना कुंवर महेन्द्र प्रताप का. कुंवर गया कुएं में. साला झूठ बोलता है. तू कुली है, कुली है, कुली है कुली है"
"ae too naam nahee.n lenaa kunvar mahendra prataap kaa. kunvar gayaa kue.n me.n. saalaa jhooTh boltaa hai. tu kuli hai, kuli hai, kuli hai KULI HAI"
Raju has to handle the situation with another carefully crafted lie. lekin voh qissaa phir kabhii!

Comes after about 1 hour 7 minutes into the film. 

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  1. Kya baat hai. So nice to remember this scene. :-) Thanks buddy.