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Monday, July 30, 2012

jo insaan aKhlaaq ke daayare se nikal jaaye, use duniyaa kee had se bhii baahar nikal jaanaa chaahiye

Film : Pukar
Year of release : 1939
Spoken by : Jahaangiir (Chandramohan)
Spoken to : A murder accused (Unknown)
Dialogue writer : Syed Ameer Haider 'Kamal' (later known as Kamal Amrohi)

This is the first of the famous historical trilogy made by Sohrab Modi's Minerva Movietone. Set in Jahaangiir's time, the film begins with reference to the Jahaangiir's system of justice. Anyone in his kingdom with a complaint can come and ring the bell hanging at the palace gate. The king would come out and dispense justice.

A man carrying a dead body on his shoulders comes and rings the bell. The person who is being accused of murder is also present with his family. Jahaangiir comes out and asks the man what is the matter. The man says that Jahaangiir immediately comes to a decision and passes judgment thus

"tumne maa badaulat kee riyaayaa ke chain par haath Daalaa? tumne hamaarii hukoomat kee saaKh pe choT kee? tumne ek insaan kaa Khoon kiyaa? tum gardan maar dene ke laayaq ho! jo insaan aKhlaaq ke daayare se nikal jaaye,  use duniyaa kee had se bhii baahar nikal jaanaa chaahiye"
जो इंसान अख़लाक़ के दायरे से निकल जाये, उसे दुनिया की हद से भी बाहर निकल जाना चाहिये.

Any one who moves out of the realm of morality and politeness, should also move out of the realm of existence.He then orders the execution of the accused. With this logic, in one fell swoop Jahaangiir has got rid of the entire population of Delhi (and probably the entire world too, but most certainly Delhi).

When the sentenced man's wife (Jillo) asks the emperor "mere suhaag ne kyaa Khataa kii hai, use kyo.n sazaa mil rahee hai?" (why should my matrimonial life pay the price for this?)

The emperor says

"koii Khataa nahee.n ki, lekin mallaah kee Galati naao.n ke saare musaafiro.n ko le Doobtii hai. jaan ke badle jaan. yahii jahaangiir kaa insaaf hai. taameel ho"

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