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Friday, August 10, 2012

teri yitini himmat toone hamaare saab ko maaraa

Film : Rakshak
Year of release : 1996
Spoken by : Tanyaa (Ponnaambalam)
Spoken to : Raj's mother (Aruna Irani)
Dialogue writer : Naeem Ejaz

When the innocuous looking Raghu/Raghavan reveals his true colours, Raj's mother and Suman (Karishma Kapoor), whom he considers like his mother and sister, resist his efforts to take a 'file' from the house. An angry mother slaps Raghu. At that point Tanyaa enters the scene with his goons. And says this to his 'saab' (boss) Raghu -

"saab... my ne aapko pahale hee bolaa taa... ye kaam ham par choD do. aap jaaiye. ham file DoonD lenge."
"साब...मईने आपको पअहअले ही बोला ता, ये काम हम पर चोड दो. आप जाईए. हम फ़ाइल डूंड लेंगे"

Once Raghu leaves, Tanyaa walks up to Raj's mother and says menacingly (you could also call it funny because of the strong Tamil accent) -

"teri yitini himmat toone hamaare saab ko maaraa"
"तेरी यितिनी हिम्मत तूने हमारे साब को मारा"

and then slaps her hard. 

This line became a classic with the group of friends with whom I had seen this film. So whenever we had to chastise someone for being too aggressive. We would say 

"terii yitinee himmat"

The charm of the line of course was the 'yitinee'. Without that the line is trite. By the way, the actor who played the role of Tanyaa is Ponnambalam, who recently joined AIADMK. The film Rakshak was copied from the 1994 Tamil film Honest Raj which starred Vijayakant (in Sunil Shetty's role). Vijayakant of course formed his own party DMDK. 

Comes 119 minutes into the film. 

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