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Monday, August 20, 2012

sochaa! ab sochnaa bhii shuru kar diyaa

Film : Golmaal
Year of release : 1979
Spoken by : Bhawani Shankar (Utpal Dutt)
Spoken to : Kalindi (Shubha Khote)
Dialogue writer : Dr. Rahi Maasoom Raza

I believe they remade this film as Bol Bachchan. Thank goodness neither Hrishida nor Dr Raza is alive. The original of course was a classic with beautifully scripted and delivered lines. This was one of them. This is part of the extremely funny scene where both Bhawani and his sister Kalindi are looking for Lucky (Amol Palekar). Bhawani is armed with a gun and Kalindi has a stout staff in her hand. While they are going around the house looking for Lucky, Kalindi  hits Bhawani on the head with a stout stick thinking that he is Lucky. An angry Bhawani says 

"kalindi ki bachchi yahaa.n kyaa kar rahee hai?"

An embarrassed Kalindi stutters,

"bhaiyyaa maine socha..."

Bhawani interrupts her and shouts

"sochaa! ab sochnaa bhii shuru kar diyaa"
"सोचा! अब सोचना भी शुरु कर दिया"

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